Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What we should really consider

Nicholas D. Kristoff
"Sure, Mr. Brownback is to the right of Attila the Hun, and I disagree with him on just about every major issue. But 'tis the season for brotherly love, so let me point to reasons for hope. Members of the Christian right, exemplified by Mr. Brownback, are the new internationalists, increasingly engaged in humanitarian causes abroad - thus creating opportunities for common ground between left and right on issues we all care about."
"But the biggest obstacle to American engagement on international issues has been a lack of constituency for them, and that may be changing - if both sides can hold their noses and cooperate. Frankly, Democrats aren't going to accomplish much on their own over the next four years, but by working with the likes of Mr. Brownback they might register real progress on sex trafficking, an African-American history museum, malaria and immigration reform. That would be a much better use of the next four years than sulking. "

Well, I cannot complain too much about this article. And it hardly falls into the category of Republicans giving Democrats advice. But, it does encourage Democrats to reach out to Republicans on certain issues that were traditionally our issues. I think Mr. Kristoff has a point. I think reaching out to Christian organizations who engange in humanitarian relief is a great way to show that we (Democrats) are willing to cross party lines to support causes that reflect our values. Its an area where we can really push our agenda, return to our roots as the party with a heart and work with the people on the other side of the aisle.

Yeah, right

So, it seems that Republicans have taken a triangulated approach to ensure the death knell of the Democratic Party

1. Offer lame advise that we'd be fools to follow.
2. Ridicule Democrats to death...while extolling the "virtues" of their party.
3. Loudly proclaim the madate of Republican values while annoucing the death of the Democratic party and liberalization.

Here are some examples:

Joe Scarborough:
I learned a long time ago that when it came to the world of politics, whom the gods would destroy, they first curse with power.
Think Bill Clinton and the Democratic Congress of 1992.

Did I hear you right, Joe? Did you say gods? How un-Christian of you. GWB would be so disappointed.
Zell Miller is right. The Democratic Party is a national party no more.
But give Ed Gilliespie, Ken Mehlman or myself the keys of the DNC for four years and we could once again put Democrats in power in the House and Senate. That's because Republicans understand middle America-national Democrats don't.

Well if we put Republicans in charge, we would cease to Democrats, wouldn't we? And why do you work for MSNBC again and not in the Senate, Joe? Term limits, maybe? Or could it be that you were incapable of winning a second term? Just a guess. I'm gonna listen to you...yeah right.
Maybe if the Party of FDR listened more Peter Beinhardt or Bill Clinton, and less to Michael Moore and, they would once again find themselves chairing committees and planning Inaugural Balls.
But as it is now, they are out of luck, out of touch, and out of power.

Perhaps you should heed your own warning from the beginning of your statement and let the Democrats sort out their own problems for themselves.

Howard Dean's Return
"The mere thought of picking the 2004 presidential candidate who campaigned furthest to the left and was soundly repudiated by Democratic voters suggests inability to cope with political reality."
"His Sunday interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" was so polite that it instantly was labeled the "unscream." Nevertheless, Dean as national chairman would identify Democrats as the party of the Left, more interested in purity than victory."

Really? Perhaps Dean is the candidate Republicans are most afraid will win the chairmanship because he actually has the ability reach into the grassroots to energize the base of the party and regroup? Nah! Couldn't be! Could it?

Before we go jumping the gun at every suggestion that the Republicans throw at us, I think we need to remember that they are hardly engaging in selfless, altruistic acts when they write articles (or blogs) such as this. It is really in their own best interest that the Democratic party remains the minority and is ineffective or ceases to exist. If that were to happen, the real losers would be the American people, who would be stuck with a one party system. Now, that is hardly what I call democratic.

Back from Vacation

Well, I'm back from Christmas vacation and its time to start posting again. I see a lot has happened while I away.

First I need to breakaway from political talk to offer my heartfelt condolences to the people in Southeast Asia who are all suffering from the devestating effects of the tsunami that hit their region. It was just awful. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you try to recover from this disaster which very easily could have occurred anywhere in the world. Events like this are a constant reminder that our world is small.

I have already started pestering the multinational corp for whom I work, but shall remain nameless to donate huge sums of cash and supplies to that region. I've also requested that they encouage their employees to donate as well, which they have. Since they will match any dollar donated through the company to the Red Cross or any other organization, I am encouraging all of my co-workers to take advantage of this opportunity as I will myself.

Furthermore, I heartily encourage all people who read my site (yes, both of you) to donate to the Red Cross, UNICEF or any organization who is working to get relief to the people in this region.

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