Tuesday, November 07, 2006


OK, I posted my desire for people to get out and vote today before I even went to the Polls this am and I just wanted to share my experience.

I had no problems voting at all, but the lines in my district in Northern VA were long. I waited over an hour to vote at 8:00am.

People were calm and waited patiently and everyone seemed in a pretty good mood. Now, there were probably 8 people outside handing out Democratic campaign literature and sample ballots and 1 republican representative. There were probably 60-80 people in line.

I saw only 4 people with the peach colored republican sample ballot. Everyone else had the Blue Democratic sample ballots. I thought that was kind of telling, but I do live in the blues of blue precincts in a very red state.

I am also going to try to live-blog the election results as well.

Some early poll information that may be telling:

On MSNBC.com's live broadcast, Charlie Cook said it could be a huge gain for Dems in the House and he would be surprised if they didn't make big gains in the Senate as well.


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