Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Laugh

I feel the need to point out some really ridiculous and hilarious shit coming out of republicans and right wing nut jobs recently.

The first one is obvious. Bill O'Reilly said a few weeks ago that he would be putting together an enemies list (a la Joe McCarthy) of organizations and people guilty of spreading liberal propaganda. Well he has done it. After much searching and the application of his keen and penetrating mind, he has come up with not one, not two, but THREE whole enemies. Three! They are:

New York Daily News
MSNBC (even Joe Scarborough?)
St. Petersburg Times

Are you freakin' kidding me? Bwahahaha! Come on, Bill, you're really slipping. Even I, an unpaid, unrecognized, undervalued liberal blogger can do better than that! I mean, he missed the mother-of-all liberal news media outlets...what about the New York Times! Don't you think they might feel left out? Maybe the Washington Post? Or, I know...The Boston Globe! I mean, they're in Massachussettes for cryin' out loud! The home of Teddy Kennedy and the heart of New England liberal elitism! They MUST be liberal propagandists, right?

Cut me a break. What a maroon! I cannot believe that anyone still takes this clod seriously.

Then there's always Tom Delay for a good laugh. We all know he's tried having the indictments against him thrown out. No surprises there. But did you know the reasoning he used as the basis for his request?

In trying to have those charges thrown out, the defense argued that the Texas money laundering law does not apply to funds in the form of a check, just coins or paper money. But the judge said that checks "are clearly funds and can be the subject of money laundering."

What?! This is too much! The law only applies to dollar bills and pocket change? Not checks?Ok, let's look at this. Tom is accused of laundering corporate money through the RNC and back to Texas because Texas laws forbid corporate donations to individuals for local elections. And we're expected to believe that law only applies if the corporation donates the money in cash?



How many corporations do you know who donate in cash?

He's not asking to have the charges thrown out because he can prove he is innocent, but because the donations were not made in the form of a shoebox full of unmarked tens and twenties.

Talk about trying to define what is is!

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