Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, today is it, election day in the 2006 mid-term elections!

I really feel that Democrats have an excellent chance to take both the House and Senate. People are really motivated and will be out voting today. I did some phone banking for Move-on.org's call for change, and I can tell you, people are motivated and excited about today.

But the work isn't done. The job today is getting people out to the polls. Many people often plan to vote and then on election day, life gets in the way. Kids, shopping, work, school take up so much of our time and attention and before you know it, the polls have closed and another election day has gone by. But voting today is every bit as important as everything else on your 'to do' list.

Imagine how you will feel tomorrow if you didn't vote and the republicans retain control of either the House and Senate or both.

What difference could have been made if you and millions like you would have made it to the polls?

Who will be responsible when the next hurricane or natural disaster hits and the republicans still have no disaster relief plan?

Who will be responbile for doing nothing to improve the situation in Iraq?

Who will be responsible for not fixing our failing health care system?

Who will be responsible for not fixing the Medicaid prescription drug fiasco?

Who will be responsibile for not raising the minimum wage?

Who will be responsible for not checking the president when he seeks his next war in Iran? North Korea?

Who will be responsible when the next republican corruption scandal breaks?

If you do not vote today, you have only yourself to blame.

The midterm elections are every bit as important as the presidential elections, and this time around, perhaps more so.

So, the choice is this:

We can either stay the course with the president's failed policies in Iraq, Katrina, jobs, health care and allow them to further their policy of corruption.


We can choose something differnt, something better.

My sense, is people are ready and hungry for change and motivated to make that change happen!

Be the change you want to see in the world!



At 8:57 AM, Blogger Bryan said...

"We can choose something differ[e]nt, something better."

All those words and not one single policy idea among them.

What's better about that, exactly?
It was easy enough to avoid that question before the election--it was enough to get the Democrats into power.

Now, however, they'll need to come up with ideas, and now you'll find out whether Americans really support liberal ideas on a broad basis.

This isn't going to be easy for the Democrats.


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