Saturday, May 13, 2006

Breaking News! Possible Rove Indictment

Jason Leopold at is reporting the Patrick Fitzgerald has indicted Karl Rove for lying to federal investgators and perjury, although it is unclear whether he has been charged with obstruction of justice.

On a second note, the has linked an article from that the federal prosecutor has evidence that Dick Cheney had a copy of Joe Wilson's 2003 article with Cheney's hand written notes in the margin.

Could these two events mean that Fitzgerald is really focusing on linking Libby's and Rove's actions to the Vice President directly? Can we expect more indictments stemming from the original issue at hand? I think its too early to tell, but reading from records filled in connection with Libby's indicment is very telling. Below, I have copied some of that text from the site:

The annotated Wilson Op Ed is relevant and admissable for two principal reasons. First, the article itself lies at the center of the sequence of events leading to the defendant's alleged criminial conduct. The article, and the fact that it contained certain criticisms of the administration, including criticisms regarding issues dealth with by the Office of the Vice President ("OVP"), serve both to explain the context of, and provide the motive for, any of the defendant's statements and actions at issue in this case. In particular, admission of the Wilson Op Ed is necessary to assist jurors in understanding how, beginning on July 6, 2003, and continuing through the following week, the attention of the defendant, his colleagues, and the media was heavily focused on responding to the issues rasied in the article. Although the substance of the Wilson Op Ed is relevant and admissable to establish the issues to which the defendant and others with whom he worked believed a response was required, and to provide context for the defendant's statements and actions, the government will propose an instruction to the jury that the statements made in the Wilson Op Ed may not be considered as proof of the truth of the matters asserted, but rather may be considered solely as evidence tha the statements in the article were made and published, and may have caused others to take action in response.


The second principal reason for the admissibility of the annotated Wilson Op Ed lies in the annotations placed on a copy of the article by the defendant's immediate superior, the Vice President. Those annotations support the proposition that publication of the Wilson Op Ed acutely focused the attention of the Vice President and the defendant - his chief of staff- on Mr. Wilson, on the assertions made in his article, and on responding to those assertions. The annotated version of the article reflects the contemporaneous reaction of the Vice President to Mr. Wilson's Op Ed article, and thus is relevant to establishing some of the facts that were viewed as important by the defendant's immediate superior, including whether Mr. Wilson's wife had "sen(t) him on a junket."

I don't know if this means that Fitzgerald is trying to build a case against the Vice President, but I think it is becoming increasingly clear that there was an organized focus on discreting Wilson by attacking his wife followed by a cover-up to the federal investigators. Its the cover-up for which Libby and possibly Rove are indicted.

I think at the very least, it begs the question, if they had nothing to hide and had done nothing wrong, why did they lie to federal investigators?


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