Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Proof That You Can Make a Difference

Tim Kaine, Democratic Candidate for Virginia Govenor is the projected winner in today's elections. (WP)

With 98% of the vote in, Bolling (r) looks like he may be the next Virginia Lt. Govenor and McDonnell (r) is currently leading for the Virginia Attorney General. I would say that those races are still a little too close to call because there is less than 1 percentage point difference between the Democrat and republican candidates, separated by only a few thousand votes. However, unless the outstanding precincts are areas where Democrats have a huge percentage fo the population with high voter turnout, I'd say that Bolling and McDonnel will regrettably most likely take those seats. I guess, by morning, we'll know for certain.

What I find encouraging is that a state where Bush won 54% of the vote just last year, Democrats picked up a few seats in the House of Delegates, retained the Govenorship and, in most cases, ran tight races against in republican strongholds with narrow losses.

Has the tide really turned? Do Democrats really have a shot to ride the rising tide back into power on a national scale? One can only hope.


Well, I know my posts have been lax of late. Life gets busy sometimes. I had to post today, however, because it is such an important day!

Election Day!

Please, all you Democrats, Progressives and Liberals go out and vote today! Local elections are just as important as the big 3 (prez, senate, house) but the turnout is usually very low. A big turnout by progressives, liberals and Dems can really make a big difference in the local races. Local races are usually decided by a thin margin. A few hundred votes can really do the trick.

So, get out there are do your civic duty! Vote! Vote! Vote!

If you don't know where to vote, I have a link for Virginia so that you can find your polling place:
Viginia Polling Locations

Unfortunately, I don't have a link for the entire country. But if you do a google search and put in 'polling locations california' or the name of your state, you should find a link fairly easily so that you can find out your polling location.

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