Monday, February 21, 2005

Economic Morality

I found this great article on about economic morality. It is something to consider in this age where the only moral values the right wants to focused on are sex, reproductive rights, and creationism. But true morality is not the controling of sex and science, it is how we treat our fellow human beings.

If the religious right managed to browbeat everyone into being heterosexual, ended abortions and changed schools' cirriculums to creationism and abstinence only programs, we would still have to find solutions for poverty, pollution and injustice in the world. And I'll be honest with you, I've read the bible and I didn't read any passage where Jesus discussed why its OK to hate gays and starve children. So, why don't we forget about finding ways to control what people think and do and formulate real solutions for the real problems facing peoples' every day lives? I understand that the latter is much more difficult a prospect to face, but I promise you, that until corporations and governments take ownership of how their policies affect people, we will never be able to create a true ownership society.

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