Saturday, July 16, 2005

Not Afraid

This is a cool site. People have sent in their pictures with the words 'we're not afraid' on the picture. Sort of a deviation of the 'sorry everybody' site that went up after GWB was re-elected.

Proceeds from the items they sell go to the Red Cross London Bomb Relief Fund.

Monday, July 11, 2005

But he didn't swallow!

So, Karl Rove was behind the Valerie Plame leak. Gosh, who knew? I'm so not surprised.

Now he's trying to define what is, is. According to the WP, this is his story...

"White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove spoke with at least one reporter about Valerie Plame's role at the CIA before she was identified as a covert agent in a newspaper column two years ago, but Rove's lawyer said yesterday that his client did not identify her by name."

Come on. That goes right up there with "...but I didn't inhale."

Effectively, what he's saying is that he told reporters 'Wilson's wife is an undercover CIA agent and I want to imply that Wilson is using her position to gather information to discredit the President's bogus intel, but if I don't actually tell you her name, even though we all either know what that is or can very easily figure it out, I'm not technically guilty of any crime.'

So, in other words, he drank the kool-aid at the White House, but didn't swallow. Please.

Dismanteling Society

Rick Santorum has admitted that it is the goal of the right to dismantle the education system. In his new book he not only lambasts women who work outside the home, but gives us a glimpse of what the true agenda of the extremists republicans are trying to accomplish. This quote is from the Washington Post and highlights my point:

"The senator includes a discussion of the advantages he and his wife, Karen, believe they have reaped by home-schooling their six children. Home-schooling, he said, is not for everyone but "is one viable option among many that will open up as we eliminate the heavy hand of the village elders' top-down control of education and allow a thousand parent-nurtured flowers to bloom."

OK, this is a dreamy notion of parents being able to stay at home and educate their children instead of sending them to school, but its not realistic for most people. It works for Santorum because he extorts $100,000 a year from the state of Pennsylvania, while he and his family live in Virginia, so that his wife can home school their children.

I think what is most alarming is that it is his stated goal to dismantle the education system in America. There are those of us who have always believed that this was one of the goals of the republican party. Anyone who thinks that they are trying to leave no child behind is fooling themselves. What they are really trying to do is eleminate the education system so that they can line their pockets with even more of our money and force us to pay individually for education servcies.

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